Weekly Meeting Time and Location

Meditation on Marco meets every Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 1101 North Collier Blvd, Marco Island

For further questions, please contact Patty Meyers at: [email protected]

Small Sangha Practice:

Suggested Guidelines:

  1. Say your name.
    This is obviously not *necessary* when everybody in the Sangha knows everyone - but often, when there are new people, this can be helpful. But also, we were informed that some Sanghas have a practice of begining the Dharma Sharing session by *just* saying their name - and everyone listening
    to each name attentively and breathing in between each name-utterance. This is an interesting and respectful way of holding each individual person in one's awareness.
  2. Speak concretely.
    Dharma Sharing is an opportunity to share one's experience of life and meditation practice - it isn't the place for theoretical discussions about history, or Buddhist studies or group psychotherapy.
  3. Don't give advice.
    Often when someone brings a question about their life or practice to the group, the temptation is to offer solutions. The objective is not to solve problems but to speak mindfully and to listen mindfully. Often this is enough. (see guideline 5 below).
  4. Use the pronoun "I" not "you".
    This is related to 3) and 5). The idea is to speak about one's personal experience and to listen to the wisdom of others that arises from their life experience. Using "you" makes the discussion into a personal dialog between two people, not a sharing of your experience with the group.
  5. Speak to the whole circle, not the individuals within it.
  6. Be aware of time and how many others there are in the group - we want there to be time for everyone who wants to share.
  7. Only share a second time if it is clear that everyone who wishes to has had a chance to share.
  8. Keep what is said in Dharma Sharing confidential
  9. Afterwards, if you wish to discuss something with someone about something that came up for them during Dharma Sharing, please ask them permission before bringing it up.
  10. The group will take a few breaths in between sharings.